PPJ Final – Nik Madan

I fixed bugs. I coded things. That’s literally all.


PPJ #9 – Josh Martin

These last two weeks have been blast and a pain at the same time. I have spent most of time fixing everything on the punch list and we managed to get a lot of it done. We finally figured out why the hub world does not work when you quit a level. Someone forgot to set the Time scale back to 1, enabling the games scripts.

Overall, I have had a lot of fun this quarter. I learned new skills, met new teammates, and created the biggest game I have ever made. While there were many things we could have done, we have done what we can. Every mistake is a lesson, and we are learned from it.

PPJ #9 – Brodie Kelley

I think that this final stretch of development was both productive and rewarding. We finally have our final build ready to go, and after having worked on this game for 20+ weeks all together, that is very satisfying to be able to say. For me, the final push consisted of some small but important tweaks to the vulture level, revising the formatting for the collectible journals, capturing all new gameplay footage from a near-final build, getting my part of the sell presentation ready, and editing a new teaser.

The entire team should be proud of the work they accomplished this quarter. It’s not perfect, but we really managed to take Unexpected Allies to the next level. It’s been challenging. It’s been rewarding. It’s been fun.

PPJ Final – Julie

Last PPJ! Found more bugs, mostly things that happened through perforce and got lost in the upload, like missing textures or animations, but still found them. Also spent 6-ish hours trying to get updated gameplay footage for the power point and teaser, but my computer refused to capture any smooth footage whatsoever. I tried multiple capture software, went through multiple game builds, and finagled the settings in many programs and my computer itself to make things work, but all I ended up with was about an hour’s worth of choppy, awkward footage, which a some points got so slow it seemed like a slide show with terrible transitions. Thankfully Brodie was able to get some good footage, so we’ll still have a good teaser, but I’m sad all my work ended up being useless.

Anyway, excited to present our game tomorrow, and see the other games. It’s been fun working on the game this quarter, though I guess I am ready to move on to something else, after working on this game for 6 months. I hope out presentation goes well! It’s been a struggle, but I’m glad we came through with something cool to show for it!

PPJ #9 – Mark McGillen

Last week Kevin and I sat down for an ungodly amount of time in one sitting and fully implemented every remaining part of the final level minus enemies and some functionality. We revamped some of the puzzles, made sure everything worked, fixed bugs (hopefully) as we found them, and I got to spend like 2 hours putting down rocks. It was fun. The final level is playable now, and able to be completed. That’s all I really could ask for honestly considering the time it got done at, so that’s cool too.

This week I worked on finding bugs in different levels and seeing if I could fix them. A “temporary” fix to one that Kevin and I found, where players sometimes fell off walls in the final level when climbing left or right, was to just move them closer together, although it still happens occasionally. We also worked on lightening up the cave level a little with ambient lighting so you can actually see stuff because apparently my torches just don’t do the job.

Overall, Game Workshop has been a really interesting and helpful experience to me. Due to it being a 3-D game, I basically was forced to work in a new environment due to only having experience with 2-D stuff. Thankfully, everything went mostly well, and I can gladly say that I was part of at team that made a product we can all at the very least be proud about.

PPJ #9 – Kevin McGillen

This has been a strange week with finals and whatnot, but overall a lot was done. With the completion of the final level, all that has been left to do was bug finding and fixing, as well as some quality of life changes from our punch-list. I spent a decent amount of time playing through the game and finding/fixing whatever I could. I also messed around with some lighting in the cave/boulder level to make it a bit easier to see as the bear.

Overall, this term has been fun. It’s been a wild ride since the first quarter, and I’m sad to be done with the class. I’ve learned a lot and gained a lot of new experience that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. While I am naturally disappointed that our game last quarter didn’t pass on at first, I am actually pretty happy with how things have played out. Getting experience with a 3D game is invaluable, and learning how to work with Unity more has been great. There’s still a lot more that I want to learn, and this class has really reinforced my dream of designing games. I can’t wait to try out all sorts of new things during Senior Project.


PPJ #9 – Kyle Fader

These past two weeks have been absolutely crazy. From interviews to finals to Unexpected Allies, my time management skills have been on point. These past couple days, I play tested the builds a bunch and tried to identify some major bugs. I also worked on completing some other smaller production based things.

Game Workshop has been quite the experience for me. I sit here and remember when the original idea popped into my head week 1 of fall term. Everyone who has worked on it these past two quarters has breathed some sort of life into it and made it the game it is today. It is a product that everyone has a hand in and can hopefully be proud of !

Workshop has taught me a ton of things, and have definitely improved my skills in a lot of aspects. I’m excited to dive back into game development with Senior Project!

Fader out.