The Game


Unexpected Allies takes place in present day in an uncharted land that is home to an abandoned mining settlement built on top of an ancient native civilization. These natives worshipped animals as Gods and lived off of nature. They believed that the rare crystals in the area were gifts from their Gods and that they held sacred powers, with a large Super Crystal locked away at the center of their civilization. The use of these crystals was forbidden by their gods aside from certain extreme situations.

The settlers eventually came to this land, and began mining the rare and highly-valuable crystals to sell them for a profit. This is considered abuse of the crystal’s power according to the native’s way of life. Thus, the settlers bring about the wrath of nature in the form of the Nightshade, a mysterious black bear who appears shortly after the mining process begins. He draws power from the Super Crystal, which also controls the other animals, turning them all mad like the Nightshade. The settlement becomes overrun by the upset animals, and all of the settlers are wiped out.


Rick: Rick is an archaeologist who travels to this land in pursuit of the source of the rare crystals as well as to research the ancient native civilization.

Great White Bear: The Great White Bear represents good as it exists in nature. He is the antithesis of the Nightshade, who has come to represent evil. Rick is ultimately the hero of the game. So White acts as his guide. He sees good in Rick when the later rescues him from a bear trap in the beginning of the game. White’s goal is to guide Rick to the Super Crystal to destroy it. This will return order to nature and stop the Nightshade.

Nightshade: The guardian of the Super Crystal before it becomes corrupted by the abuse of the crystal’s power, the Nightshade becomes the ultimate force of evil that wreaks havoc on the settlers. With the Super Crystal’s power, it commands the twisted forces of nature in opposition to the Great White, the only animal immune to the crystal’s corruption.