PPJ Final – Julie

Last PPJ! Found more bugs, mostly things that happened through perforce and got lost in the upload, like missing textures or animations, but still found them. Also spent 6-ish hours trying to get updated gameplay footage for the power point and teaser, but my computer refused to capture any smooth footage whatsoever. I tried multiple capture software, went through multiple game builds, and finagled the settings in many programs and my computer itself to make things work, but all I ended up with was about an hour’s worth of choppy, awkward footage, which a some points got so slow it seemed like a slide show with terrible transitions. Thankfully Brodie was able to get some good footage, so we’ll still have a good teaser, but I’m sad all my work ended up being useless.

Anyway, excited to present our game tomorrow, and see the other games. It’s been fun working on the game this quarter, though I guess I am ready to move on to something else, after working on this game for 6 months. I hope out presentation goes well! It’s been a struggle, but I’m glad we came through with something cool to show for it!


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