PPJ #9 – Mark McGillen

Last week Kevin and I sat down for an ungodly amount of time in one sitting and fully implemented every remaining part of the final level minus enemies and some functionality. We revamped some of the puzzles, made sure everything worked, fixed bugs (hopefully) as we found them, and I got to spend like 2 hours putting down rocks. It was fun. The final level is playable now, and able to be completed. That’s all I really could ask for honestly considering the time it got done at, so that’s cool too.

This week I worked on finding bugs in different levels and seeing if I could fix them. A “temporary” fix to one that Kevin and I found, where players sometimes fell off walls in the final level when climbing left or right, was to just move them closer together, although it still happens occasionally. We also worked on lightening up the cave level a little with ambient lighting so you can actually see stuff because apparently my torches just don’t do the job.

Overall, Game Workshop has been a really interesting and helpful experience to me. Due to it being a 3-D game, I basically was forced to work in a new environment due to only having experience with 2-D stuff. Thankfully, everything went mostly well, and I can gladly say that I was part of at team that made a product we can all at the very least be proud about.


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