PPJ#8 – Weidi Tang

Personal Postmortems

3 things went right:

  1. First of all, I think I did a great job on the new bear model. It’s hard to keep it maintain its shape while making it a low poly style. It took me 4+ hours. And for a model only has 300 faces. I think it shows a bear clearly.
  2. I made several vividly animations for both the bear and the enemy wolf. I made running, walking,  smashing, jumping idling and pulling levers for the bear. I made running, idling and walking for wolves.  These animations took me almost 3 weeks. I watched plenty of references video and photos. I also helped Christian with the bear’s rigging and redid the wolves’ weight painting because the old one didn’t work for now.
  3. I handed every work on time. I finished all tasks that assigned to me on the last week. I managed my time appropriate so that I would be able to do those.

3 things went wrong:

  1. I didn’t touch the design works either the coding works at all for two quarters, a whole progress. Although my works are showing in our game intuitively by the game assets and characters. I feel like if I touched more aspects of the project I would involve more.
  2. I was kind of idling in the last two weeks. I didn’t have many works assigned to me and I’m not good at finding jobs for myself. I should do that. So, all I did at the final state is fixing the textures for 2 hours per week which is obviously not good.
  3. I was always doing the basic things: modeling it and then make its’ animations. And then moving to the next model again and again. I always doing my familiar jobs. I felt like I should push myself harder to do some unfamiliar.

Lessons Learned:

  1. Next time I will involve more core things maybe concepts and features of the project.
  2. I want to afford more coding works next time. This quarter I finished my require cs classes. I feel like I have a better understanding of programming. This cs class also increased my interests in coding. I may consider developing more on it.
  3. I will try to find works by myself if I am idling again. ( But if I on the coding side next time it won’t be a problem because they are always busy on the final.)

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