PPJ #8 – Weikan Zhang

Personal Postmortem

Three things I did right:

  1. I finished vulture all by myself including model, texture, rigging and animation. Flying creature is different from others because it is thinner and also tinier. When first time I tried to make the landing animation, everything on that vulture was overlapping and I need to adjust it over and over again.
  2. I also modeled and textured several environment assets. I am very happy to see that my tall grass works well in game. I made a single grass and duplicated it several times then I adjusted them into different angles and scaled them up and down.
  3. I found our team two play testers other than college students. One of them is my little brother in China who is 14 years old. Another one of them is my high school teacher who is over 30 and never played computer game before. I do think players other than peers can offer us different and unique opinions.

*Never fell into sleep in any of past classes


Three things I did wrong:

  1. Time management. During past few weeks, I always hand in my work on Sunday due to other classes and coop interviews. This will have one big problem is that if anything wrong happens on the work I did, I do not get any time before next class to fix it. The first time I handed in vulture prefab and animation, I did not notice those files were totally empty until next class.
  2. Communication. My slack never gives me any notification, so I open slack everyday to see team chat. Sometimes I just simply forget to do it and next time I open it I have tons of unread messages. I really need to say thank you to Kyle because every time I vanished, he sent me a personal message to bring me back to the real life.
  3. Single work. Working with models is my primary job and sadly it became my only job. I didn’t make any effort to the design part of this game which is I always wanted to do. Some times I thought they already have a pretty good idea so I didn’t speak mine out loud. And also I am afraid to be refused.


Lessons learned:

  1. I understand how a game development team works and what kind of role I should be playing inside such a team. 3D modeler and probably world builder. Making a game is not as easy as I thought. It requires more than a good idea. Everyone in this team need to work like a component.
  2. Design is not easy. I have lots of things in my mind and I just cannot speak it out. And idea is not enough, a good designer needs to work with the programmers and artists because there is too much things a designer needs to know.
  3. Time management is super important. Next time I work in a team, I will not push everything to the last day of the week because it really effect the team in the bad way.
  4. Next time I would like to try some design work and story work because these two things are something that I always wanted to do but also scared to do. I would like to give it a try.

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