PPJ #8 – Mike Hank

Post Mortem

3 Things that went right:

  1. I think I did a good job when it came to working on someone else’s code. It can be difficult sometimes but I now know all the ins and outs of most of the scripts in the game.
  2. I’ve always shied away from working on UI but this project had me working on it quite a bit. I learned a lot of new things so I will be able to do more UI work in the future.
  3. I actually used the trello board for once. I had many classes that wanted us to use it but this is the first time I used it effectively.

3 Things that went wrong:

  1. Task management was an issue. We had a trello board to designate tasks and it worked well for the first week or 2 but as the tasks started to turn into “fix bugs” and “polish game” it was hard to make actual tasks for that
  2. There were a lot of bugs and a lot of them are still there. Like semi-game breaking ones. Its a shame because I feel like it was a big hindrance when it came to play testers enjoyment of the game.
  3. I didn’t keep up to date with the group enough. Most of the time I had no idea what other people were working on.

Lesson I learned:

  1. I think what I learned is that I need to stay motivated when working on a project. I lost interest fairly early and I think it showed in my output. I also had some ideas on what the game needed but I didn’t bring them up since I lost interest in the game and didn’t feel like implementing my ideas. I think getting more input into whatever projects I am working on would help with my motivation as well.
  2. I also learned that I need to play test games more. I did not play the game nearly enough so I didn’t know what was wrong with the game until it was a little too late into production.

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