PPJ #8 – Kevin McGillen

Personal Postmortem

3 Things that went well:

  • First off, I was very proud of the boulder/cave level that I designed. That stage was something that I personally created from scratch during the concept phase, and seeing it as a (almost) finished project was something that I was very happy with.
  • I felt like I managed to get a lot done towards implementation. I helped implement two stages into the game, and learned a lot more about the process of doing so. All the implementation also got me even more familiar with Perforce, so I didn’t have nearly as many mistakes in that regard as I did last term.
  • I modeled the entire boulder/cave level, which was something that I was initially scared of doing. One of the main reasons our team did a 2D game last term was because I wasn’t comfortable doing 3D, but this term forced me to do it anyway. Learning how my group mates did it helped a lot, and actually doing it proved to be a lot easier than I had thought.

3 Things that went wrong:

  • During the last few weeks, a lot of stuff began to pile on, and we also started running lower and lower on work that I would need to do. Because of these, I ended up doing less and less for the group over time, although I still tried my best to play through the game and get play-testers.
  • Having several project oriented classes this term on-top of co-op meant that the time I was able to spend working on the game per week was very strained. All of my classes and the work load were very front-heavy, meaning everything kind of went on early in the week (Sun-Wed), so a lot of my work had to wait until the last minute. I don’t think this necessarily harmed us in any big, specific way (at least not that I can recall), but it definitely didn’t help us.
  • I feel that me not knowing how to do a lot of stuff was a bit of a problem. There were a lot of times where I would have volunteered to do a task, but I didn’t know how to do it in even the slightest, so I wouldn’t speak up. Because of this, someone who already had several other tasks would also get assigned it, while I had much fewer things to do. Midway through the term I think this was resolved a little bit, since I took on the modeling and implementation of an entire level, but early on it was a problem.

2 Lessons learned:

  • Overall, I think that I should reach out more when it comes to assignments. I learned how to 3D model an entire level and implement it into Unity without too many issues despite not knowing how previously. I can try to learn more about topics that I am unsure about, so that when the time in the future to address those topics comes, I can be of more use.
  • I learned more about good level design. While I don’t think the levels that I had a big part in creating have the best level designs, I think that they are definitely getting to a point where I want them to be. I still struggle with teaching the player without text, since text is such an easy solution, but it is something that I want to get better at since I enjoy it a lot.

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