PPJ #8 – Brian Jackson

The Postmortem

Three things we did right:

  1. Constant communication: Throughout most of our project, we had a tightly knit network for communication by way of Slack. We would constantly make sure that people stayed on task and that our work wasn’t colliding as much.
  2. The use of Trello: Later on throughout the quarter, we decided to start using Trello, which I would say was a very good idea. It helped us organize our tasks better and make it clear as to who would do what.
  3. Team Productivity: Much like last quarter, all of the team’s members contributed greatly to this project, and they did so at a pace that was faster than what we expected on our ghant chart. As such, it made it possible for a lot more editing of the game, which overall leads to a better end product.

Three things we did wrong:

  1. Infrequent meetings: At the beginning of the quarter, we set up a system that would make it easier to have department meetings and then have the leaders from each team meet up discuss tasks. However, this system fell apart, and the design team hardly ever met after about week 5. Instead, we only attended the large meetings that would happen after class each time.
  2. Time management: It has been an extremely rough quarter for everyone on the team. Combining a large-scale project with the rest of our classes and finding a co op took a toll on all of us. We were all getting tired towards the end, and crunch, while not super bad, was still rough. It impacted our productivity a great deal, making it drop.
  3. Going the extra mile in terms of design: While we did a great job designing new levels and mechanics, we did not develop on other things such as finding new ways to teach the player, making levels more engaging, and finding ways to make it more immersive.

What I learned:

  1. Working with a larger team can be hard, but it can be managed with the use of good tools. Without such things as Slack and Trello, I don’t think we would have done half as well as we did.
  2. Communication is the key to success for projects like this. You have to be able to communicate with your teammates so that things get done. If not, it could lead to tasks remaining incomplete and even more problems down the line.

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