PPJ #08 – Nik Madan

What went right:

  1. AI: I think I did a pretty good job on the AI. I build more of a base on top of my previous work, and the enemies work pretty well.
  2. Working with other people’s code: I think I also did a good job with being able to read and use other people’s coding. It’s usually a lot more difficult, but major props to the rest of the code team for making their code readable. No props to Unity’s standard asset coding, but that’s for another section.
  3. Keeping up with Trello: This was something I struggled with in the past, but this quarter I feel like I adequately marked my Trello tasks as complete.


What went wrong:

  1. Communication: One thing I was not all that good with was communicating with my classmates, especially early in the quarter. I improved on this later, but it was still less than I think I should have done.
  2. Unity standard assets: There’s no polite way to say this, but the coding for Unity’s standard assets are terrible. They’re overly dense, hard to read, and contain so many circular references that it’s difficult to figure out what does what.
  3. Time: I never had enough time, due to outside circumstances, I never had enough time.

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