PPJ #7 – Weikan Zhang

This week is beta week. Instead of making new stuff, checking out what we already have and fixing bugs and assets are more important. What I did was to check with my group members with vulture model, rig and animation. I also checked everything else I made during this quarter to make sure that everything works fine.

I played our game like five times. One thing that bothers me a lot is that the control page is pretty tricky and some of the buttons are pointed to the wrong functions. In the hub world, first time when I enter it I have no idea how to get out and finally I figured just need to click on Esc and I do think that need to be told to the players. While I entered the hub world screen I literally tried every button on the keyboard and I just cannot enter any level. I clicked the white circle on the top left and it went into tutorial level which is the only I can level I can enter. I already told my team about these and I believe we can fix them pretty soon.

Anyway I am very happy that we made such a big process through this term and I am really looking forward to the day we actually finish our game.


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