PPJ #7 – Mark McGillen

This week I didn’t have a whole lot to do as a designer, and I also had very little time to work to begin with because I had to go home for the weekend. I spent a majority of my time this week play testing the game for bugs.

I’m not very good at breaking games it would seem, because I didn’t find any bugs that we hadn’t seen before. More importantly, I spent the other part of my time playing through the strength puzzle level and planning out how to improve it.

I like to think that the boulder level is my main focus for a bit. First off, the push-able boulders no-gravity bug was fixed by somebody else, which is great. I’ve been scanning the level and trying to find spots that could be decorated to give the cave a better feel to it. I’m not very adept at lighting, although I could take a look at that, and I don’t have any experience with sound, so that’s something that multiple people will probably have to mess around with. However, placing decorations is something that I can do, and finding spots to place rock formations rather than just single boulders can go a long way to improve the look of the stage.

Also, snakes were added to the stage by Kevin which is cool. We have been considering adding a wolf as well, considering the stage itself is one of the locked stages. However, there’s a lot to figure out there, such as the path it patrols and how the player can maneuver around it in the environment.


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