PPJ #7 – Kyle Fader

This week was spent on some of the smaller things from the punch list and also finishing up some of the last UI elements, which included more death screen variations and finishing the pause menu. I played the game a ton, and actually got in some really good play testing time with my younger sister and some of her friends while I was at home for a couple of days. Weeks really are flying by now and in my free time I’m looking ahead to start on things that we have due in the next week or two so we can get ahead in that in case I need to help elsewhere.

I’m really happy to see how far the game has come since last quarter. From some of the major things, to the minor ones like swaying grass, dynamic menus, and moving clouds, Unexpected Allies is really coming into its own. Next few weeks are going to be a lot of work as a team, but I believe were ready to finish strong!


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