PPJ #7 – Kevin McGillen

This week was pretty productive, although differently from other weeks. Because we’re in beta, rather than making new stuff I went back through some of the stuff that I had already made and tweaked them appropriately. I made several fixes to the boulder level that was implemented last week, such as adding in some snake enemies to make the bonfire relevant, adding more decoration, and fixing some of the level models. Specifically, the wall with the crystal deposit in it was altered slightly to not have a giant spiky part right near the ground, and one of the larger platforms that you must walk on is much more flat to allow for easier movement, since it was near impossible to traverse before. There is still more that I’d like to do to the boulder level, such as add little puddles of water, but I don’t want it to stand out too much from the rest of the game. That being said, I still want to add the reverb audio we were talking about, but I do not quite have the time to look into it. I ended up going home for a long weekend this week due to my mother’s birthday, so a lot of the stuff I had planned to do this week ended up being pushed around.

Also, because this week was more of polishing, I don’t really have any screenshots to show.


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