PPJ #7 – Cole Mueller

This week was a lot of fixes and continued implementation. My big main task was to implement the pillar models and come up with a solution in unity to animate the destruction without the need of actual animation data. I had a ton of fun with this and experimented a lot with unity particle effects. I think the end product came out pretty nicely.

Destruction of the pillar w/ effects

The other big thing I worked on this week was getting the snake model / animations in an working for Nik to use. This went pretty smoothly and is in, although it could use some tweaking. I also did a number of small fixes including fixing the climbing bug, making boulders climbable, making the campfire purple, and some other small tweaks.

I also tried to work on getting the Vulture model/animations in after discovering that the implementation that was done this week was incorrect and unusable. I worked with Vincent to try to figure out the problem and discovered that the rigs in the anim fbx weren’t actually bound to the geometry, so no animation data was coming through to Unity. It’s a bit of a bummer that it’s not in this week, but I know we can definitely get it in this upcoming week.

I also gathered footage for and edited the teaser video.


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