PPJ #6 – Mark McGillen

This week Kevin and I focused on revising small details on the strength puzzle level such as where to place the crystal deposit, and then implemented it into Unity. Once all of the main models of the level were in Unity and placed properly to scale and what not (the platforms, gates, etc.) I got to go in and do the wonderful job of placing rocks everywhere. That was fun.

But in all seriousness the level is in Unity and feature complete save for, as far as I know, mechanics that aren’t specific to the level itself, such as the push-able boulders being climbable as well. Once that mechanic is fully implemented, the stage should be finished. Kevin and I would like to see if we can add enemies into this stage because both the wolf and the snake would seem at home in a cave environment.

With the addition of the strength puzzle stage, Kevin and I have implemented our levels and are able to focus on helping Brian with whatever he needs to finish if anything and polishing.


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