PPJ #6 – Kevin McGillen

This week was pretty great overall. Mark and I worked together to get the boulder level ready for implementation, and I honestly have to say I’m really happy with how it turned out. A lot of time was spent getting the sizes of some of the models right, since I didn’t model them to the exact scale last week, which was a bit of a drag. After all the main parts of the stage were put in, it was more of placing in boulders, walls, doors, and levers, which didn’t take too long. I had to wait a period of time for a section, since I could not find our big crystal deposit prefab, only to find out that we didn’t actually have one (oops). Once all the doors, levers, etc. were in place, we went through and placed collectibles, a checkpoint, and a lot of decoration through minecarts, rocks, and crates. One thing that I am unsure of is how relevant the checkpoint will be without enemies, so Mark and I are thinking about making a wolf that patrols around a large rock formation found near the start. Once we finished decorating everything, we handed it over to Cole to set up the functionality of some of scripts, as well as get the correct lighting. Now that that’s over with, the entire stage is complete. Some known issues at the moment, are that the pushable boulders are not affected by gravity by some reason, and so they just float wherever they are. You can still push them, but if you push a boulder off a ledge, good luck getting to it. Also, we haven’t gotten to add in the cave paintings yet, but that should be a quick fix.

One small gripe that I have is that the lighting is a little difficult, so I feel like we might need to add some torches or something around the stage, or more glowing crystals.

Outside of that, next week I THINK I am going to be looking at some of the audio stuff that we discussed last week, as well as a lot of polishing and such on the current stages. I’m pretty happy that this boulder stage made it to beta, since it’s the one that I’ve had the most influence on.


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