PPJ #6 – Josh Martin

This week was a little hectic, with other projects and assignments to do for other classes. I spent some time changing the bird hub icon, making the bird look more like a vulture. There were also some little white spots that needed to be cleaned up in the icons, so I made those changes.

I spent most of the time working on the snake rig. I already animated its idle and slither movement. However, when trying to export the slither animation, which uses a sine deformer, as an FBX, I have been running into issues. I tried to look for answers on how to export models with deformers and bake it onto the model, but I had no luck. I asked for assistance and Christian helped out with the animation, but he too could not find a way to export it properly. We had no choice but to manually animate each joint to make it slither. With his help, we managed to finish the animation and export it as an FBX. This took up a lot more time than I thought. The animation itself is a little wonky, but my next step is make some tweaks on it.


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