PPJ #6 – Cole Mueller

This week was a crazy one. Lots to do before the first beta build. My main job this week was to get the new bear, in all its glory, into the build and functional. I (stupidly) expected to be able to just replace the old files in the bear anim system with the new ones and it would work. The system was already set up, so why wouldn’t it, right? Well, let me tell you, this was a whole other beast.

First of all, the bear was modeled/rigged/animated facing the ‘X’ axis. This meant I had to go into the maya files and rotate all of the rigs to the right direction for the model and all the anim files. Not a big deal, just time consuming. Then, after some majorly frustrating attempts, I learned that, between Unity 4.3 and 5.5, the anim import system had changed just slightly. Apparently, new unity likes to mess with the scale, so you have to export the animation fbx’s with a very obscure setting checked and your units set to 100 instead of 1. So I had to go back and reexport the animations again!

Okay, so with all that done, the animations finally worked and the bear is finally in the game. Cool beans. This week, I also added the mount animation, a new puzzle level, added a small story level, a new purple haze effect to the checkpoints and end zones, and a new loading screen. The new levels took a while just to get everything organized and working, as usual. Kevin did a great job with getting the level in and decorated very thoroughly. Made my job soooo much easier. The mount animation took a pretty beefy amount of time to implement correctly as well. Next week I’ll have to make it so it can be played in reverse.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the state of the game and the work I did this week. I’m pretty bummed that the final level and the vulture/snake assets aren’t in all the way, but that seems to be the main task for next week. I look forward to beta 2.


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