PPJ #6 – Brodie Kelley

My tasks for this past week were rather unexpected, though productive. With the game’s beta build due this week, the team had to be sure to have everything we needed into the game in at least some sort of draft form otherwise it would need to be cut. We had talked about the game’s ending many times before, and had known for a while what we wanted it to be. We planned on conveying it through a simple in-game cutscene. However, the programming team still had a lot to do in addition to a ton of bug fixes, so the plan changed to make the game’s ending a video in the same style as the new intro cinematic that I finished last week. It’s likely not going to be final, but I managed to put together a cinematic that I’m pretty happy with in a much shorter amount of time than I had for the intro. I think with just a few more tweaks, it will be much more solid.

Other than that, I also modeled, textured, and implemented a new level placed directly after the game’s opening level that features the gate that the player is trying to unlock. When opened, it will lead to the game’s final level. This was also a last-minute development form last week’s class so I wouldn’t be surprised if it needs a few adjustments. In addition to those two more important tasks, I also implemented the journal pickups in my vulture level, just as the other designers should have done with their own levels.


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