PPJ #06 – Christian

This week, the majority of my time was spent helping Josh reanimate the snake’s movement animation, so that we could import the bloody thing into Unity. As it turns out, Unity does not any obvious means of importing deformer-based animation, which is why we had to go back and manually animate each of the snake’s joints frame by frame.

Admittedly my revisions last night were a little … rough around the edges:


But, it actually works in Unity now, and that means I’m a happy camper.

The other task this week was to give trees and grass some animation to make it look like they were blowing in the wind. However, it took a bit of time for me to learn that Unity has no obvious ways of deforming meshes. The only options for mesh deformation I found were third-party tools which cost a pretty penny, or to code a system for that yourself, which was out of my reach for this week.

Thus, I put very small, simple animations on the grass objects that make it look like they’re subtly swaying in the wind, but I had no look making the trees look as subtle when animated. Thus, only the grass gets the subtle wind treatment.

Next week, my biggest goal is to revise the above snake animation to make it appear a little less janky. Then, I shall lend a hand to polishing other assets where needed.


Author: corneliusmm

The side-blog of Tumblr user Badshah-Cornelius. For the time being, this will be dedicated to original content. Essays and commentary and the like.

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