PPJ #5 – Kevin McGillen

This week was kind of packed with work, between other classes with their midterms and the last of my interviews. My task this week was to model the cave stage based on the design that we had come up with last week. It took a pretty size-able chunk of time. I managed to get everything made and ready to go, but due to a lack of a better computer I was unable to implement anything into Unity. My computer freezes whenever I try to export something as a .obj or .fbx from Maya, so I have to do it on a desktop or a lab computer, which I do not have access to from home. The scene right now is pretty bare in Maya, but that’s because it is missing a lot of decorations and objects that are supposed to help the player. I’m sure it’ll look a lot better when everything is completed. I also tried to made things looks a little more natural by making the floor more uneven than in other levels. Next week will involve a lot of implementation and getting things to work properly.


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