PPJ #5 – Cole Mueller

This week was pretty rough. I had two additional assignments for other classes that I usually don’t have and I needed to leave the weekend relatively free because my family was visiting from Colorado. I worked really hard early in the week, but still found myself needing to do a lot of work during the weekend due to a lot of the major changes in the build being implemented sat/sun from other people.

That all said, the build grew a lot this week, which is great. We have a lot of fixing to do and a lot to tweak, but the stuff is in. This week I added the level information to the HUB, worked on some FX to fluff up the game, and did a lot of the fixes from last week including fixing the elevator, tweaking the menus, and fixing some camera issues.

I spent a lot of my time doing most of the fixes from last weeks build. I decided to just scrap the old elevator script and built it back up from scratch. It works so much better now, which is real satisfying.

While I was working on the trail renderer for the bear, I stumbled upon the Unity asset package for particle shaders. Turns out, this is where the fire effect was hiding the whole time (as opposed to in the ‘effects’ package). So, in a happy accident, I found the fire fx and added it to the torch and the campfire assets.

Over the weekend I worked on a bunch of different stuff and making quick fixes with Nik and Mike. It was our most productive day of work and was our first real collaborative build effort. It worked out great, I only wish it coulda happened earlier than Sunday.


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