PPJ 05 – Nik Madan

This week I put the enemies into levels and grabbed several sound clips for them, as well as doing a few simple bugfixes. It can be boiled down to a single sentence with no pictures, which honestly makes it feel a little lame compared to other people’s PPJs, so here’s a short and probably incomplete list of bugs I fixed:

  • Bear couldn’t knock stuff down. Simple tag fix.
  • Buttons for wolf level wouldn’t work. Changed a few lines of code; will probably tweak a bit more to make it more streamlined.
  • Birb wasn’t resetting after attacks.


And for more padding, the sounds I used:

  • Generic snake warning and attack hissing for the snake
  • Vulture cries for the birb’s detection noise
  • Hawk cry for birb attacking
  • Bear growl for the wolf detection noise
  • Classic wolf howl for attacking
  • Another generic bear roar – currently unused – for Nightshade/Great White

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