PPJ #4 – Mike

The first thing I worked on this week was implement the crystal counter into the hub world. Now you can only enter certain levels if you have enough crystals.

The next thing I added was a checkpoint system. Whenever you enter an area with a checkpoint, the area gets saved in the game controller as a new spawn location for you and the bear. It isn’t fully implemented yet though since right now dying takes you to a new scene and then reloads the previous scene. I will need to work with Cole to get it so death happens in one scene.

The last thing I added was a UI for the crystal counter. Kyle provided a crystal image for me to use so I’m using that with a counter that tells you how many crystals are left in the level when the game is paused. In the future Kyle will provide different images with the crystals filled in at different lengths to notify you how many crystals you have left.



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