PPJ #4 – Cole Mueller

I feel like a lot got done this week, but the build still feels like it’s missing important stuff. This week, I worked on implementing the new levels. I took the scenes that the designers/artists made and made everything functional. This always takes a while, but took a pretty sizable amount of time this week. Brodie was having issues with perforce, so he sent his level to me and I got everything implemented as well as adding some assets/decoration.

I also worked on getting some animations plugged in. The pick axe one was easy and took a reasonably short amount of time, but the mount animation was giving me so many issues that I had to stop so I’d have time to do my other work. I am sure I can get it to work, but I just need more time for it.

Lastly, I was to work on a minecart controller. This was the most frustrating part of my week. I worked on it and was already having issues with it, and then I found out that the player needed to be able to do something that I hadn’t put in (crouching). When I tried putting the crouch in, it broke the entire controller and I realized that the code was sloppy and built on a weak foundation, so I scrapped it. I might try it again, but I may also give it over to Nik to try, since he seemed more confidant about it.


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