PPJ #4 – Brodie Kelley

I have been very busy this past week, though I still managed to get a solid amount of work done despite still having a lot left to do. My main goals this week were to model the level that I designed featuring the vulture enemy, make the new intro for the game based off of the storyboard I did last week, and to meet with Kyle to work on level names and descriptions and a few other things.

Modelling and then implementing my level into Unity has absolutely been the most time consuming thing I’ve worked on for  Unexpected Allies this quarter. It technically isn’t 100% finished as I’m still waiting on some assets that I need for it to be fully functional. That said, it is pretty much ready to go and I’m happy with the way it turned out.

I really wanted to get the new intro into the build this week, but I unfortunately could not start working on it without having some of the game’s cave paintings for reference, which I yet to receive. This is because the intro is going to be done in the same style as the cave paintings. It’s not a huge deal as I’m sure it will be finished in time for next week’s build, but I thought it should be mentioned since it’s something I’m really looking forward to getting done.

Lastly, meeting with Kyle to work on level names and descriptions proved to be productive. I think we came up with some really cool stuff. We also came up with the idea to change the game’s start screen to a fully 3D scene using the new campfire asset along with the characters. I’m really looking forward to seeing how that turns out as it is something that we talked about doing last quarter, but never found the time for. We also met to make a simple 2D background for the world map, though we agreed that a 3D background would create a nice juxtaposition with the other 2D elements, so that’s something we will be working on right away in the coming week.


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