PPJ #3 – Kevin McGillen

This week was pretty interesting. Among a lot of other projects and Co-op interviews, I haven’t had much time to do anything, but I still managed. We didn’t have a team meeting, which was fine since we more or less knew everything we needed to do. This week I had to help model one of the levels with Mark, since we had never done it before and needed a lot of guidance, as well as get some concepts down on paper for what the final level should look like based off of the mechanics we had discussed last week. We managed to model the environment pieces in Maya after a bit of time, and then I spent several grueling hours trying to implement everything into Unity. The end result came out pretty decent, which now leaves us at two new levels this week.  One thing that I feel might be revisited in the future in the Wolf Level is the amount of trees. We decided to make the outer walls of the stage be represented by trees, which I think is a good idea, but I feel there might be a better way to go about doing it, since there are a lot of trees here.

On a smaller note, we had decided that this stage would be the Wolf level rather than the Snake level, since it allows a bit more room for the wolf to patrol.

Wolf Level in Unity Editor

As for the final level, we’re experimenting with several different ideas. One of which that I thought was interesting was trying to figure out a way to let climbing be a part of one of the four puzzles during the encounter, since each pillar will be a puzzle. However, it might be odd to have one pillar higher up than the rest of them, so it’ll need some revising. Another small thing we wanted to add to the final battle was the small detail that there were originally 5 pillars, but one of them is already knocked over onto the big crystal. What we hope to achieve with this is to show the player that the other pillars might have the potential to be knocked over and cause some damage to the crystal.

I also spent a decent chunk of time revising our levels section in the GDD as best as I could, although I feel there’s still more to add.

Overall it was a pretty productive week, but not until later into the week on my end because of how busy I was.


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