PPJ #3 – Cole Mueller

This week was pretty crazy. We had a lot assigned on Trello, and it seems like a lot of it got done. This week I tasked myself with updating the HUB world and its functionality, programming a pickaxe attack to break pillars in the last level, updating the controls, and implementing Brian’s new level.

The new ability and the control rehaul went really fast and was pretty easy. With the pick axe animation finished, I look forward to adding that in to the ability.

The HUB functionality was a little longer, but worked out pretty well. The next step is adding a crystal counter to the hub world, adding a bg image, and then having the character icon move along the paths defined by the lines.

The level implementation didn’t get done this week. The level was created pretty late in the week and then had a number of issues that needed to be fixed before it could be fully implemented.

Hopefully the levels will be ready early this week so that any issues can be fixed and then implemented fast. I hope to have the two new levels implemented early this week so that they can be part of the testing for the freshman.


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