PPJ #3 – Brodie Kelley

The past week was definitely a productive one for me. I compiled a storyboard for what should be a more informative and hopefully more visually appealing intro. It was something that I worked  on all week, though it was was one of the last things I finished, so the team has not seen it or provided feedback on it just yet. The player will figure out the basic premise of the game through context, so I found the original intro to be redundant. The goal this time around is for the intro to convey the basics the now much more detailed backstory to the player.

I also drew top, side, and front view orthographics for the Vulture enemy model. Hopefully this one is more proportionally accurate than my first try at orthos from last quarter. I also made a quick edit to the very first concept art of Rick that I ever made to reflect his new look. It just so happens that I drew him in a running position, which conveniently works really well for the world map sprite. Lastly, I modeled the final door for the game — the one that requires the player to get X number of crystals to unlock and reach the final confrontation with the Nightshade. I ended up keeping it simple as some of my initial ideas for it seemed a bit too detailed and complicated, and I felt that something like that might conflict  with the rest of the game’s simple art style. In the end, with some input from the story team, I ended up going with a simple design that I’m pretty happy with. The number of crystals that the player has (x) and the number of crystals needed overall (y) will be displayed as hovering text over the center of the door (x/y).

I feel good about the progress I made this week, though with the new intro ahead of me for next week in addition to whatever else needs to be done, my work is far from over.


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