PPJ #2 – Kyle Fader

Weeks feel like they’re flying by! This week I had a bunch of different things to do. My main focus was the hub map icons in which I made two (cave and bird) and Josh made the other three. When Josh and I shared our work with each other, my art style was way different than his, but I loved the way his looked. I decided to redo my icons so they would blend well with Josh’s. I would like to have all the art for the hub world done by next week. Josh and I also spoke about the in game UI and we plan on having just the switch/follow icons and the crystal on the lower corners of the screen. We also have decided that the crystal will fill up with color as you collect more crystals in the level.


The addition of Trello (thanks for setting it up Cole!) was awesome. It kept myself organized and let me know who was doing what. Hopefully we can stay committed to it because it will definitely help in the long run.

Lastly, I worked on the survey and updated the website. I didn’t get around to rigging the snake model but tomorrow night I plan on knocking that out.


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