PPJ #2 – Christian Romero

This week, I was tasked with modelling a number of environmental assets – more rock/boulder variants, trees, and a pickaxe – along with prepping the rigging for the bear.

While I didn’t make much significant headway with the rig (Weidi had to remodel the bear before we could commit to rigging), I got a fair deal done with the models I had to make. For the rocks and trees, I drafted up a variety of low-poly forms, keeping in line with the game’s graphical style. I anticipate making these look smoother or more high-res, but this week I wanted to see how well the low-poly renditions would fit in the game as is.


I started this week’s assignments by sketching out a woodland scene to get a better sense of how much detail should be emphasized in the rocks and trees I intended to model:


This week, with Weidi’s remodeling of the bear, I intend to work with her to implement the new rig, along with any revisions/additions to the items I have already produced and showcased.


Author: corneliusmm

The side-blog of Tumblr user Badshah-Cornelius. For the time being, this will be dedicated to original content. Essays and commentary and the like.

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