PPJ #2 – Brodie

This week, I was tasked with creating a model and texture for the game’s snake enemy. Both were quite simple and didn’t take very long at all. As this was my first time modelling for the game, I did have a bit of a hard time with the simple low-poly art style. While I’m satisfied with my work, I suspect that the texture may need some more details added as I feel it is visually very plain. Still, I got it done so it should be ready for rigging, though I won’t be handling that part.

I was also assigned the task of re-texturing Rick. Last quarter, he was a hunter. However, the story team made the decision to make Rick an archaeologist, and we wanted this role change to be reflected visually. We agreed that the changes shouldn’t be anything too drastic — a sleeveless olive shirt became a black t-shirt while his grey pants became a dark beige color.

The story team also had a meeting to discuss a lot of different story elements that had been brought up during last week’s class as well as some other meetings. We ironed-out some minor plot details, and started forming our plan for the game’s collectibles and cave paintings, and how we are going to create and implement them.

I also have a near-final level design that I’ve been working on ready to present to the design team. I say near-final only because I have yet to actually go over it with the team yet, and I assume some changes will be made.



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