PPJ #2 – Mark McGillen

This week I was very busy with a lot of different things, including early co-op interviews for B round. I was originally tasked with thinking up a stage concept for a vertical stage using climbing walls. I envisioned a stage where Rick and the Bear scaled a cliff together while completing various objectives and solving multiple small puzzles on their way up. However, in the grand scheme of the game, I’m not sure if having so many levels is possible and as such, I haven’t done anything other than envision that idea.

Thanks to Cole, the group has a Trello now, and I did get to see everybodies tasks, including mine. I think Trello can be a great help in making sure everybody knows what they have to do/what they could do if they’re done. Trello and Slack are both very useful in communicating, and have made the past 3 weeks relatively easy in that regard.

Over Trello, I was assigned to create a boulder specifically made for a strength puzzle within a cave. The main problem I had here was that I hadn’t touched Maya in almost a year, so I doubt my work is of great quality. I’m thankful that the art style for the game is low poly. Due to a low performing laptop being my only access to Maya as I went home over the weekend, I was unable to export the boulder and get it into Mudbox for texturing. I do have renders of it though, and the object itself is relatively easily manipulated. If it needs to be changed, it can be done with very little time needed.


The general idea behind the boulders game from referencing the push-able boulders used in the new Pokemon Sun & Moon games. The design team decided that they should be relatively cube like, and have footholds in them that signal that the player is able to climb them if they need to. I’m sure making this boulder would have been relatively easy to make normally, but it ended up taking me like an hour or so due to the fact that I was basically unfamiliar with Maya at the time. I plan to get it textured on Mudbox once I have the opportunity, and export it for the game.

The design team also met up on Thursday to discuss how the final level should play out. We have a general idea, where the player is in a race against time as Rick to destroy the crystal while the White Bear slowly loses a battle against Nightshade.

Overall, this was a very productive week for the design team, as we got a good amount of discussion and planning down.


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