PPJ #2 – Cole Mueller

This week was a bit chaotic with finally having all of my Monday classes again and getting out of that “settling in” phase of the term. I attended the team-lead meeting and worked with the other leads to assign tasks. I also set up our trello page with this weeks tasks.


On Thursday I met with Mike and Nik to discuss this weeks programming tasks, programming organization, and general project topics such as input management, file sharing, and working around each others schedules.

My task this week was to get a functional draft of the 2D HUB world made. It was a pretty small task seeing as it was similar to the menus I had created last term. Right now, the hub scene is just a menu with clickable placeholder graphics that load up different scenes.


Each circle loads up a different scene when clicked. As the build stands right now, this scene (hub world) opens up after the cave scene. The programming was almost identical to the code for the menus.


The hub world will have to change a bit depending on the final structure / layout of the map and whether we think it’s best to be a clickable map or to navigate 2D player icons  along set paths with the movement keys. Those decisions should have been made by the design team this week, so I’ll tweak that up this upcoming week. The icons for the levels were also being worked on this week, so I look forward to replacing the placeholder graphics.

A few other small things, I applied the new texture for Rick and made the torch a toggle instead of having to hold down the key.

Lastly, I feel like I’m getting a better handle on Perforce with having to check out the unity project folder. I had some issues this week (forgot I needed to add new files, not just checkout, edit, then submit), that I worked around. In the long run, I definitely see the appeal of Perforce and Trello and definitely think they will help the team stay organized.


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