PPJ #1 – Weikan Zhang

Hi, this is a brand new term and our team decided make lots of changes on our game.

Firstly, we need a proper reason for both hunter Nick and the Great White to fight against the Nightshade. We designed a mine which will produce crystals and the Nightshade is wandering in the mine. Players need to collect those crystals to defeat the Nightshade.

Secondly, we changed our level style. Our levels used to be too big and we need to narrow them down. And we also need several new levels and new puzzles.

During our team meeting, we decided lots of things. For myself, I am in art team and basically I am a 3D modeler. We need some stuffs for the mine. This week I did a wheelbarrow and a demo for a wooden house.

Render 1.jpg

Render 2.jpg



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