PPJ #1 – Mark McGillen

Over the past two weeks we as a team have been discussing the general direction that we want to go with the game. Everything to do with the game has come under discussion, such as the art, level designs, and story, and a lot of what was in the game from the previous 10 weeks is being changed around a bit.

We managed to meet twice as a full team, minus one or two people, and smaller teams were formed that met throughout the weeks.

I’m specifically on the design team. We met twice during the two weeks as a smaller team. So far, as a member of the design team, I was tasked with thinking up of some world map layouts. Along with the map layouts, each member of the design team tried to make their own level design to show. The level that I am currently working on is a vertically based level where Rick is much more important, as there’s a lot of climbing involved. I’m planning on having the duo scale a large cliff face and solve puzzles that require lots of climbing. I learned that the old team actually had a climbable rock wall asset done, but it hadn’t been used yet, and I figured that it could be good to use it.

Basically, I had world map concepts which were eventually shot down (which is fine by me, honestly), and I have a climbing, vertically focused level in the works. I’m not quite sure when exactly everything will be done for this climbing level, and there are a lot of set backs that should be taken into consideration, such as just flat out not being familiar with how the game works in unity behind the scenes. I think the design team as a whole needs to take a look at the game and figure out specifics before we finalize level designs, or else larger problems could come up in the future.

Overall, a lot of progress was made over the past 2 weeks by the entire team, as lots of thinks were decided on and we seem to have a clear idea of where we’re going with Unexpected Allies.


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