PPJ #1 – Kyle Fader

Why hello there! The past few weeks of development have been great. It was really nice to acquire some new people and get some new ideas for Unexpected Allies. We have met a couple times as a big team, and also as our smaller sub teams (design, art, team leaders, ect.)

One of the first things I wanted to get done this quarter was really shape and nail down what we want Unexpected Allies to be. When you get down to it, our prototype from the fall just wasn’t really that fun. There was nothing really driving the player to play UA, and in some cases, our play testers had trouble even finishing the game.

I believe Unexpected Allies is now headed down the right path. A lot of fixes from gameplay to story took place. One thing I’m really excited about is the crystal system we are implementing. It encourages the players to explore and even go back to levels. Not only do the crystals drive the motivation of the players, but it is also driving our story.

I have been working on the UI for both the hub map and hub world with Josh. For the in game UI, We wanted to have a UI that didn’t interfere with the player but also was telling them the things they needed to know. On the top is now an enemy indicator bar, the lower left corner a crystal counter for the level, and lastly, in the lower right corner we have the character you are controlling and also if the follow function is on.

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 9.45.20 PM.png

I’m really excited to push this game even further. I’m loving our team and all the great ideas! Hopefully we can keep this up.

Fader out.


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