PPJ #1 – Kevin McGillen

I’m excited to begin work on Unexpected Allies this quarter, and am looking forward to what being in a big team for 10 weeks is like. I hope that I can prove to be a valuable asset to the team throughout this quarter, so that our final result will be something fantastic.

Over the course of the last two weeks, we’ve gotten a lot done. For one, we managed to have several instances where the entire group was able to meet at once, which is great considering we had 13 people. This allowed us to determine our team hierarchy, so everyone was split up into appropriate groups with appropriate leaders. Aside from these team meetings, we were also able to have several meetings for just our smaller groups. The team I’m on, the Design team, was able to meet twice over the week, and we managed to get some work on and make some group decisions to allow the rest of the team to continue on their work. Some things we managed to discuss were:

-The world map design and UI

-How the new levels are going to work

-Types of new levels

-Who’s doing what levels

And several other smaller things.

For the most part, we managed to get everyone working with Perforce, although it’s hard to say at this exact point in time. I personally have gotten comfortable with Perforce and done what I need to. I was also assigned a “Cave level” that involves a new mechanic we’re introducing, which is allowing the bear to push large objects like boulders. I have the design for the stage done for the most part, but it’s not all cohesive yet. I need to actually see everything in Unity before I can really take a look at how things should fall into place, and whether I have enough there or not.


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