PPJ #1 – Julie

First two weeks with the new team went pretty well, in my opinion. I’m so excited to be working on UA, especially on the story. I’m a team leader now, so I have to stay way more connected to the team communications, but it’s been fun, and we ironed out a lot of the things we needed to get done this quarter and even started working on some stuff, like level and world map designs, more 3d assets, and how the story interacts with the game play.

I attended 7-ish meetings (I believe it was 7? I went to a lot of them) and even led a couple of them, like the art/story one and the second full team meeting.

I helped write out notes for a bunch of the meetings as well, and have them posted on our slack, so everyone can reference them. I also made a world map concept, helped come up with the final story in the story meeting, and have been working on a couple runner style levels for later in the game.

In the future, I plan to work on my 3D assets for the asset list, help create the journal entries for both the settlers journal pages and rick’s, finish my level designs, work on the cave drawing art we need to place in the game world for story purposes, and look back at some assets I have from earlier projects, and see if I can re-texture and re-purpose them for the game. It won’t all get done in the next week or so, but I’m excited to see the results when they do get finished.



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