PPJ #1 – Josh Martin

These two weeks of preparing went well.  We all managed to have multiple meetings, one with the entire group and some in smaller groups. I am a part of the art team. One day, the art and story team met to discuss the scenario and environment of Unexpected Allies, so that we know what to draw/model/animate for the project, like houses, boxes, and mining equipment. I have been tasked with making bird nests, houses, tree, a pickaxe, and a tree. Each of us on the art team is going to make one house and tree of their own. We believe the crystals should hold some sort of significance to the story, so we decided to make them collectibles to access certain levels.

I also discussed with Kyle on UI design and what we need for the player HUD and World Hub Map.We plan on having 2D art in a 3D environment. In the corners the screen, it will display the number of crystals and paper documents you’ve collected. Going to a level will display how many crystals you’ve collected in that stage and if you collected a paper document.

As of right now, nothing bad has happened during the past two weeks. The process was straightforward and everyone (almost everyone) attended the meetings they were assigned to. So far so good in my opinion.


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