PPJ #1 – Brodie Kelley

I am really excited for the direction that the team is taking Unexpected Allies  this quarter. We had a great prototype at the end of the first eleven weeks of development, but now it feels like we are finally starting to unlock the potential of that initial concept that we came up with. The new team members have been a huge asset in helping to evolve the project into something different and interesting. Meanwhile, myself and the original team members of Badger Games seem to have learned quite a lot from last quarter, and we are ready to take the game to the next level.

During the prototype’s development, I was heavily focused on the game’s 2D art — I did pretty much all of it — and developing the game’s story and characters. I’m a member of the new art team and will definitely still be involved with that aspect of development, but I’m also trying a few different things. For instance, I am also a part of the design team and I am the lead on the story team. The latter was somewhat of a surprise to me. Honestly, I went into this quarter expecting to dial back the story, only to find that others were interested in working on it.So far, the story team and I have come up with a lot of really exciting ideas that I cannot wait to get into the game as we move forward.


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