PPJ #01 – Christian

These past two weeks started a little bumpy for me personally, though they were not unproductive. For starters, having come from a different GMAP section from last term, I am very excited by the prospect of working on Unexpected Allies, and I’m intrigued by the ideas the rest of the team has been considering implementing for the story and characters so far. For my personal ambitions, I said I wanted to try improving upon the rig for the White Bear on the first day of class, and so I’ve been compiling a number of guides and sources on how best to do that.

Unfortunately, I missed an art-team meeting last Tuesday because of a scheduling conflict, and then I fell ill with a sinus infection Friday, which severely hampered my ability to get much more work done in the past week. Still, I’ve been doing my best to stay in the loop with the team’s communications, and once I’ve recovered from my illness, I hope make some better progress both on the assets I’ve been assigned to produce within the next week, along with the potential bear-rig within the very near future.


Author: corneliusmm

The side-blog of Tumblr user Badshah-Cornelius. For the time being, this will be dedicated to original content. Essays and commentary and the like.

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