PPJ #1 – Cole

Well, winter quarter has started and we are already 2 weeks in. Seems to be going by crazy fast. Unexpected Allies is moving forward and will continue development through this term. I am very excited to continue on the project, but I am much more excited at the opportunity to have so many new people on the team. We have already had a ton of meetings and so many new options and perspectives have been discussed! I am so excited for all of the new perspectives that our new team members will bring!

As I stated earlier, we met a whole lot since week one. We’ve had 2 or 3 team meetings with the whole team, and then a handful of sub-team meetings. The main production points done since class was revamping our level design to make the game-play more intuitive and fun, refining the story to fit it to a longer game / fix some issues and plot holes, and new directions for style, both modeling and texturing.

I personally worked with Mike on trying to get the .ignore file in to the repository and setting up the Unity project to work with it. I really don’t know if I did it correctly, and it very well might not work, but it was a good opportunity to learn more about Perforce.


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