PPJ#4 – Weikan Zhang

This term finally comes to an end. I cannot believe time past so fast. I have never been in a group working together for a game. This is my first time to experience that and I have to say it feels really good even though we still have lots of things to work on.

Three bad things:

  1. For myself, I could have done the bear model better. It feels not much like a real bear. After I saw the animation and the rigs, I feels more like my responsibility to do them instead of my other team members, which also indicate that I am still lack of rig and animation abilities.
  2. It is a pity that we never really had a time to work together, face to face as a team. We met twice a week but because of time conflict we had to do our own work individually. I hope we can have more time to work together next quarter.
  3. The level design is a huge problem too. Even though it works well but it has a lot of things to improve. Our puzzle only has one way to solve and our map is big enough for player to get lost in it.

Three good things:

  1. Teamwork is definitely a good part. We have a good team leader and each of our team members did their work on time with high quality. Our google drive is pretty clear for each of us to find anything they need and our plan for each week is solid and reasonable.
  2. We did our play test well. We have people coming from different ages and education backgrounds which remain the research balanced and comprehensive. We also found several bugs during the play test and fixed it in time.
  3. For myself I learned plenty of things that I will never learn in class, like teamwork, discussion and brainstorm. Only if you are in a team that you like, you do those thing within your attention and heart. I also built several environment assets, textured the wolf and did my first level design.

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