PPJ #4 – Weidi

So this term for our project, I participated most parts of 3D arts. I modeled lots of environment assets and animated interactive environment assets and most of the characters’ movements.

Here’s what went wrong:

  1. For me, I should make the bear animations better. It’s weird, especially running. I’m short of animations skills. I will improve myself so that I will get it done better next quarter.
  2. Our game went on a right way. But sometimes it confuses the playtester. I am thinking maybe we should have some hints in it so that the player will get what they can do in the map.
  3. Our map is big, especially the level 2. most of my playtester got lost in it. so we can have a little map on top right corner to show them where they are.

Here’s what went right:

  1. For me, I got a lot environment assets finished. I like them. I did try me best to design and make them out. I also like the wolf I made. I did some little adjustments to make it fierce.
  2. For our group, we did a great job on completing a game. What we really did is closely on what we planned to do at the beginning.
  3. We communicated frequently. Our group has a group chat on GroupMe. We discussed what we have and what we gonna do every day. 





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