PPJ #4 – Kyle Fader

This term seemed to fly by! As we are gearing for landing, I want to reflect back on three things I think went right and three things I went wrong during development. As always, it’s best to start with the things that went wrong!

  1. Early on we made some very big decisions about how Unexpected Allies was going to work. Ten weeks later, we are starting to realize those things we committed to early on, are some of our greatest weaknesses. It’s better to keep an open mind about every aspect, in case we need to make those changes!
  2. Personally, some weeks I didn’t realize how much work I actually had to do! I would start on it later in the sprint, rather than working on it gradually throughout the sprint. By the end, I learned to give myself enough time to have a period where I can look back through my work and spot mistakes.
  3. Lastly, as a team, and even personally, we were way out of scope at the start of development. We had so many great and exciting ideas for Unexpected Allies, but we didn’t realize how little time we actually had. We lost a lot of valuable time that could have been used to improve on the things that did make it into the game. From the start, we should have toned down our ambitious scope. Next time, we need start smaller, and be reasonale with our plan. If we are able to, then we can make additions!

Now for the good stuff!

  1. Unexpected Allies turned into something much bigger (and better) than I ever would have imagined. When I originally pitched it Week 2, it was an idea. But with the help of my team, Professor Lloyd, and classmates, we fully fleshed out Unexpected Allies identity (but even now, it’s still ever changing). The narrative has come a long way, the abilities feel right for each character, and the art style looks great.
  2. Each week, my team always achieved what we wanted to get in the next build. We never felt the feeling of panic. We made sure we met early in the week, kept updating each other through our GroupMe, and met again on the weekend to come full circle as a team. Every meeting we had, our whole team was present. Our team really worked together nicely and their was never any issues between members.
  3. Personally, I’m extremely happy with some of the things I achieved over development of Unexpected Allies. First, I never modeled in low poly, so I got that experience! I also decided to take on the task of modeling Rick the Hunter to step outside my comfort zone. After a couple tries (and the huge helping hand of Weidi!!), I think Rick came out great. It is so satisfy to seem him animated in the engine running around. Working with Autodesk MudBox was also a lot of fun. I textured the Great White in it and feel confident to do even more texturing in their in the future! I also really got my feet wet with the marketing side of Unexpected Allies. I had a great time branding us and creating, managing, and updating our website. Along with our website, we created an Instagram (badger_games) . Getting positive feedback from complete strangers was a great feeling for out team too!

As Workshop 1 is mostly everyone’s first true jump into game development, it was an overall great experience for myself. You don’t know how much time, resources, and people go into making a game until you are knee deep in it! Huge thanks to my amazing team! Badger Games!

Kyle Fader


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