PPJ #3 – Kyle Fader

The past week I have been working on finishing up the UI for the game. At first, my concepts for the in-game UI were way too complicated and the screen became littered with unnecessary information. I simplified it down to the some of the most important things: what character you were currently playing as and if the following was toggled on or off.

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 11.02.08 PM.png

We also decided to add collectables hidden in each level that reveal more of the story. The collectables are in a form of letters which were written by the inhabitants of the now abandoned town. I created the graphics for it and am currently modeling a 3D model to be a representation of the collectables in game.


Lastly, I am pretty much done with texturing the bear! I’m still waiting on the rig to be done for the hunter but I should get the chance to start the hunter this week.


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