PPJ #3 – Cole

So wow, this week was pretty rough. Not really a specific reason, but it just felt like all of my work for this quarter was crashing down on this week. I felt pretty sick most of the week too, so that didn’t really help, but oh well.

What Went Well:

Finished man and bear rigs – the man and bear are both rigged and ready to animate!

Got some bear animations churned out – Weidi got the idle and walk for the bear done and I messed around with importing them into Unity. Since it’s a quadruped, there is some added difficulty, but I at least know what not to do.

Finally added loading screens – Yep, got those bad boys made. Not much on them, but they work and adding graphics to them is the easy part.

Tweaked the pre-level – Changed up some of the design and made the prelevel a bit more dynamic.

What Went Wrong:

Not a lot got added – we made a lot of stuff, but it was all made so late in the week that I didn’t have time to actually get it into the build. I’ve made sure to stress to the team that this upcoming week I need stuff done quick so that I have time to actually get everything into Unity and working.

Animations are hard – the animations are not reading properly, but I think this will be solved with more research and trial-and-error. Just needs more time.

CS is kicking my butt – I had a lot on my mind besides this project this week as I was struggling with my other hard course, CS265. It sucks, but I’ll continue to work through it.


All-in-all, we’re so crazy close. We only have a few weeks left and the second level and all animations are the only roadblocks left in our way. We just have to continue to push through till the end, especially with the end of the term sapping away at everybody’s energy.


EDIT: Oh my god I completely forgot about last week. Well, the main accomplishment from last week was getting the new cinematic video in, setting up a menu system, building the AI, and getting level one implemented. Lots the build progressed a lot last week, then kind of slowed down this week as stuff was being created rather than implemented.



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