PPJ # 3 – Brodie Kelley

The last two weeks of development had a major focus on the game’s intro cinematic for me personally. The storyboard and planning had all been done prior too the last two weeks and so I spent just about all of my time during that first week working on the final polished images and editing for the cinematic.

Once a polished version was ready to go, we presented it to the class for the first time and got some really helpful feedback. That is why a large chunk of my time during this last week was dedicated to revising the cinematic with changes based on what the class had told us. In addition to revising the game’s opening, I wrote the first two of the game’s collectible journal entries and I created some images to convey more of the game’s story early on in the opening level. This takes place when Rick the hunter finds an injured Great White in the cave and tries to help him.


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